Shade Lumber Company Inc.

wooden-pallet-shipment-leaving-berry-industrial-plantIn addition to Berry Industrial Group’s network of pallet manufacturing partners located throughout the United States and Canada, Debra and Peter Berry have also owned Shade Lumber Company Inc. since 1990. Shade Lumber Company Inc., a pallet manufacturing and recycling plant, is located in central Pennsylvania.

Shade Lumber offers one of the highest quality pallets in the U.S. because of its lumber selection process and the quality controls that screen the lumber for each customer. The lumber is chosen specifically for each order so as to best meet the quality expectations for that customer. Throughout the manufacturing process, the lumber and pallets go through three additional inspection sites before being either staged for loading or placed in inventory to await shipment.

With inventory staging at upwards of 200 truckloads of lumber, WIP material, and 15 loads of finished products, we are able to meet JIT requirements for our customers. In 2005, Shade Lumber purchased and installed the largest Heat-Treatment kiln in the Northeast. This kiln allows for double the amount of ISPM#15 pallets to be treated during one process. We also provide Kiln Dried HT SYP that supports the ISPM#15 standards. The unique quality of our products, our large inventory, and excellent shipping lanes allows us to make deliveries to Arizona, Wisconsin, Florida, and other locations throughout North America that other pallet providers cannot reach. Shade Lumber’s outstanding quality, delivery, and reputation have allowed it to flourish since its inception in 1982.